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xxsavemysoul's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-designFrench 2 by Faeth-designJP Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-design

Hello my lovelies~

I'm just going to tell you a little bit about myself!


I am a fourteen year old girl from Canada and yes, I do say "eh" and "ain't", guess you're just going to have to get used to it, eh? c;
Anyways, I absolutely adore anime- yes I know it can be fairly weird. You have to have an open mind. Drawing is one of my favourite things to do, I can spend hours drawing and not get bored.
Next-- I love hugs! (>^-^)><(^-^<) Hugs all around! Teehee.
I listen to many types of music genres, however my favourites are alternative, rock and of course, COUNTRY<3 Gosh, I swear, I couldn't live without my music blasting in my ears. Some examples of music artists I like to listen to are: audioslave, foo fighters, linkinpark, my chemical romance, bullet for my valentine, three days grace, theory of a deadman, 30 seconds to mars, 3 doors down, marilyn manson, secondhand serenade, hinder, blake shelton, keith urban, darius rucker, brad paisley, johney cash etc. Please, don't come talking to me about these artists and their music (when it comes to alternative and rock) because I have just recently gotten into it and quite honestly I don't know too much about them... I have listened to their songs and stuff, but I can't even remember the names of a lot. I just have them on my iphone music. Remember, i'm not obsessed with these artists, I just like them. Unless you're talking about the country artists, i'm obsessed. There's soo many I haven't mentioned.
I love meeting people so please~ Talk to me ! D:
Enjoy my page and check out my art ! ^-^ Comments, faves and notes are always appreciated.

(I'm going to grade 10! My birthday is just late in the year.... November 20th >.<)

This was made too long ago ^^^^ I'm too lazy to change it. I'm 16 now, grade 11, though people say I look 12-.- which is annoying and I've changed a lot, that's all you need to know


Wishful Thinking by whispwillstare in my fridge stamp. by CitrusEcstasy---xMarshmallow Stamp by Kezzi-Rose: i love my friends stamp : by Tibb-WolfHot Chocolate Stamp by Kezzi-RoseComment Before You Favourite by BoffinbraiN:thumb98874067:Bravest Warriors Stamp- Catbug Sugar Peas by The-GreenGoblinSlow interwebz by prosaixskifcha - Dubstep Hipster Cat by HavickTheLionHorse lover Stamp by Mister-MXFacebook Stamp by SparkLumTyping Stamp by In-The-MachineI Support Imagination stamp by c3ph31dToo much senior-dArama by prosaixSoul Eater - Stamp by Kizushik..Ever Wonder.. Stamp by SailorSolar"Explaining" Stamp by Sonira-StampsForgetful by prosaixMusic is my lifeline by pjuk:thumb381605622: :iconfavsplz::iconfavs2plz: :iconcokestampplz1::iconcokestampplz2: :iconlogoutplz1::iconlogoutplz2: I'm stalking you C8 by BiosharpAtheist Stamp by Kezzi-RoseSweater Weather Stamp by Kezzi-RoseWatermelon Stamp by Kezzi-RoseKezzi's Stamps Stamp by Kezzi-RoseDreams Stamp by Kezzi-RoseInspiration Stamp by Kezzi-RoseiPod Stamp by Kezzi-Rose:icononionlovers-1plz::icononionlovers-2plz:autumn stamp. by xxsavemysoulAutumn Stamp by PhysicalMagicAmerican Dad stamp by OatzyDon't even go there -repost- by StarmuttAmerican Idiot .static stamp by Rowz-vampGreen Day 21stCB Stamp by Giga-manMCR stamp by silverthehedgehog78Stamp: I Love Ukes by Stamp-AbuseStamp: I Love Semes by Stamp-AbusePlease just stop by Psyko-KineticsTake On Me -  Family Guy Stamp by Gokulover4everSurfin Bird by DsharkBullet For My Valentine Stamp by darkdisciple-stamps"Three Days Grace_." by cat-napLinkin Park Stamp by HisPaperAngel


Gir Fan Button by ButtonsMakerYaoi Fan Button by ButtonsMakerSoul Eater Fan Button by ButtonsMakerFamily Guy Fan Button by ButtonsMakerInuyasha Fan Button by ButtonsMakerAdventure Time Fan Button (UPDATED) by ButtonsMakerGunter Fan Button by ButtonsMakerFiolee Fan Button by ButtonsMakerMarshall Lee Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
So I decided to come back to DA. I may not be as involved as I was before though... s: I missed my art and rp buddies!!!! T_T and I got back into art c: ill be posting a few shortly .

Just wanted to say hey to my bbys. Love you ;*
hey hey,  you there,  yes you, like to rp? i know you do.

join these groups :D :





Dark Morbid Dolls: Gina's Doll Collection by xxsavemysoul
Dark Morbid Dolls: Gina's Doll Collection
Some lack eyes, some lack hair
Boy they really did give children a scare
Their bandaged limbs, their bloody tears
It's time that we faced that which is our fears...

Gina: Hi there guys~ Welcome to my collection of creepy/weird/strange/odd dolls. Aren't they awesome?? :iconyuiwahplz: This one's eye is missing, oh oh and this one has stitches all over. And... look at that one //points at Auriel// That one freaks me out the most :icongrellsutcliffplzplz::icongrellsutcliffplzplz2:
Auriel: What was that, Gina? :iconmisakidarkplz:
Gina: :iconsuprisedblushplz: Auriel! Go away :iconcielphantomhiveplz:
Auriel: Yes, Mistress :iconsebastianfacepalmplz:
Gina: Phew.... okay well bye guys :iconsawakowaveplz:


I used:…
Doll Makers: Gina Keegan by xxsavemysoul
Doll Makers: Gina Keegan
Pixel Rose Doll Maker~

Name: Gina Keegan

Nickname: G or Gi (pronounced like letter G. Started as a joke but barely anyone calls her that)

Age: 19

Gender: Female
Height: 5'4
Weight: 115

Loyal item: A king of hearts earring
Loyal points: 0
Loyalty level: 0

Shop/Job: The Dark/Morbid Doll Shop

Likes: Sleep, her brother, making dolls, creepy/mysterious/dark/odd dolls
Dislikes: AURIEL (lies), quitters, fake or two faced people

Personality: -tsundere type, acts all tough but has a soft side, independent, focused, work-hard type of gal! She's not bitchy, shes just not honest about her feelings and may seem rude when avoiding those 'gushy feelings'

Her older brother was always focused on creating a doll with the soul of their dead mother. He spent years researching black magic and whatnot in order to complete his goal. He went too far however, and ended up losing his own soul in the process. He was so caught up in "saving" his mothers life that he lost his own. Gina was devastated. Now Gina is trying to bring him back by putting his soul in a doll that looks just like him and has continued his work from his records and notes. The cycle seems to be continuous.. will Gina lose herself in the work just as her brother did?

Pixel Rose Doll~

Name: Auriel

Nickname: King of Hearts

Age of Doll: 
Height: 6'5

Weapon: (A deck of cards with steampunk theme

Likes: Steampunk, Gina, storms, night
Dislikes: When Gina works on 'the brother project', day time, dogs

Personality: protective of Gina, friendly, charismatic, kind, happy, polite, not afraid to talk but can be quiet

History: He was made by Gina's mother to give to Gina at birth (hence his age being the same as Gina's). Her mother made him to be her protector because she knew she wouldn't be around forever. Gina would often cuddle/hold/sleep with  him as a child but as she grew up she grew less interested. She didn't know until her mothers death that the doll could actually turn human. At age 14 she hesitated but eventually kissed the doll and thus Auriel is born~! Being cooped up for so many years he had much to say and the annoyed Gina began regretting her decision hahaha.
Abbie-revamp-app(W.O.N.) by xxsavemysoul

Name: Abigail Smith

Nickname: Abbie
Quote: "Keep up or go home."

Gender: female

Age: 18
Height: 5'8
Weight: 124

Number: 2
Weapon: bow and arrow
Alliance: Apollo

Level: lvl 2
Sp: 229
Path: neutral, used to be good

Strength: Star Cerulean 
Defence: Star Cerulean Star Cerulean Star Cerulean 
Speed: Star Cerulean Star Cerulean Star Cerulean 
Intelligence: Star Cerulean Star Cerulean Star Cerulean Star Cerulean 
Skill: Star Cerulean Star Cerulean Star Cerulean 
Will: Star Cerulean Star Cerulean Star Cerulean Star Cerulean

Likes: books, history, cats, brown eyes, hunting, her uncle, younger sis
Dislikes: dogs, war, cruel people (evil path), ass-kissers, complainers

Personality: patient but can get frustrated easier with certain things like people who complain constantly, logical, intelligent, book worm, tomboy, sassy at times,

History: Growing up she was taught good values from her parents, she had only a few close childhood friends. When she was young her parents didn't allow her to participate in the war or even know about it as I would assume any loving parents would do since it is a horrifying experience for a young child. So basically she was a little kid who played around with other kids and they were all oblivious about the war but as Abigail grew older and acquired more intelligence she began questioning her parents about the destruction going on around her and why they had to flee to different parts of the town and tell no one where they were going etc.  She has a very close bond with her little sister, and when she joined the Apollo alliance it was difficult to say her goodbyes. She didn't want to go away and fight but the number on her thigh said her destiny was otherwise. 

She learned her bow and arrow skills from her uncle. He began teaching her when she was merely a child (7 years of age). They went hunting a lot together and eventually her skills surpassed his and all of her training afterwards was from herself. She would set up targets, go skeet shooting etc. She surpassed his expertise at age 13 and he later passed on when she was 14. Her mother was so devastated that her only brother had died that she began to have a drinking problem (that was her way of grieving) but she never quit drinking and it began to change her personality. She was no longer kind and patient, but very temperamental and impatient, and sometimes she would even beat Abigail (but not Abigail's younger sister). Any other kid would have hated their mom but Abigail saw her mothers pain since she too missed her uncle and she was patient enough and sweet enough to let it pass and not let it get to her.

Additional Information: number is below her hip on her right side

Okay so, I changed up my app and am re-applying. Abigail has grown up and after a year of the war her goodie-goodie personally has changed accordingly. She no longer trusts people until they give her a reason not to, but instead trust only those who give her a reason to trust them, if you get what I mean.

Also her path has changed from good to neutral because she's realised survival requires murder sometimes. Thanks for reading

Vi's Room by xxsavemysoul
Vi's Room
Vivienne: "A-ahh, welcome to my room. :iconblushuplz: I cleaned up for you cx As you can see I like bright and happy things~ :iconyea-plz: I have a picture of me and my sister I like looking at sometimes, a fluffy beanbag that's fun to sit on and a few stuffies~ :iconmahfeelzplz: They're so cute. ignore the hello kitty I swear I'm not five

theres not much else to say so :iconinamithinkplz:.... bye :iconwave-uplz:
Mary-Kate (M.K.) by xxsavemysoul
Mary-Kate (M.K.)

Full name: Mary-Kate Kissman
: Female
: 5'2
: August 18th
Build: not muscular, lean
Body Description: so flat everywhere:iconmenmacryplz: , thin, fit
Strength: 3/8
Charm: 4/8
Intelligence: 5/8
Year: 3rd year
Animal ability: fast runner, can eat raw meat, stalking my prey fantabulously... watch out boys >w>, sleep forever idk
Usual Outfit consists of: jacket, tank top, jeans(High-waisted often), hat, scarf
Some Kemonomimis have an animal form, can they transform? Or not? No I cant.
Hobbies: everything artsy~ even graffiti. i prefer graffiti and painting. My favourite things to draw are humans :iconsmile-luplz:
Favorite Music genre: rock and roll baby! I also secretly like cute little music like night core but you dont know that x:
Favorite food/drink/snack: apple juice~!
Favorite Class(s): art class, human biology
Are you a part of any clubs?: ART CLUB WOOT WOOT
Why this/these clubs? I adore art! Looking at it, making it, eating it ........ what? Isn't cooking an art?
Are you a part of any sports teams? Track and field, i can beat you in any race! c:<
Why this/these sports? I'm really good at running
Positives: friendly, outgoing, crazy... is that good? I'm not sure :iconohoho-plz:
Negatives: strange, clueless sometimes, um... bad co-ordination (she can't even dance) YES I CAN SHUT UP >:0
Personality: I've been told I'm a daydreamer, weirdo, friendly, polite and insane >:u but shhh... dont listen to them... I AM THE PUN-INTATOR. I'm not lion :iconohohoplz:
History: I'm not tellin >_> (then I will.... not much interesting happened in her life besides that she had a bf whom was a kemonomimi... whom also committed suicide because of the discrimination received from humans in their small town and she hasn't been with anyone since that night a few years back. She tried to cope and smile even when her heart felt broken... but that's in the past now. But she still thinks about him occasionally..... sometimes...... quite often actually. However she still seems to have this strong interest in humans which is why she includes them in her art so much and enjoys human biology. She has since moved from her small town into the nearby city where humans seem much more open to her kind and shes much happier there.)
Relationships: dead boyfriend.YAY
Additional info: I have freckles, I love to make lame puns, sleep, and eat everything.... ouo I'm a growing girl! Yes... that shall be my excuse


I role play...(script, or Lit) literature 90% of the time

I like to role play in/using.... chat rooms and anything that's instant messaging. Notes and comments are still an option

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